Headache Treatment

Don't Suffer From Chronic Headaches in Silence

While occasional stress-related or sleep-deprivation-induced headaches can be normal, routine headaches may signify a bigger health problem.

Call Frankfort Chiropractic & Physical Therapy to discuss your headache treatment needs with our staff and schedule your FREE initial consultation. Let us help you identify the root cause of your headache, alleviate the pain, and ensure you won't suffer from similar headaches in the future by giving you effective care tips.

The Right Headache Treatment Method for You

Your body may exhibit symptoms of stress or overworking in ways that are completely different from another individual. For this reason, our doctors employ a holistic and personalized approach to treat your headache based on your symptoms.

Fill out this form to share details of your headache, and we will help you with a variety of gentle, painless, and effective treatment methods to help you lead a normal life again.

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